A time-out spot for everyone. Commons offers mainly classic cocktails concocted with unusual spirits and soft drinks. flinging the bygone lawbreaker potation with up-to-date palate. 

Along with Scofflaw cocktail bar, Barley pop flows fresh beer & ale on tap, while downstairs a Old-Timey American prohibition barroom serves whiskeys less than a 100$ Bill. 

Barley Pop

Beer Bar “SATISIFYING” As the lever comes down, the bubbles with the smooth note of barely trickles down alongside the glass. Doesn't matter if you gulp it down or enjoy it by the sip ; doesn't matter if your young or grown, you can never have enough or have too much of this golden goodness, you will always want one after another, the more the merrier.

​啤酒吧 『過癮』 酒柱一拉下,綿密的氣泡與清爽的麥香,順著杯壁滑落。 不管你是大口乾杯,還是小口啜飲; 不管你是青春年少,還是成熟老練, 這個氣味就是讓你喝不膩,喝不醉, 想要一杯再一杯,越喝越過癮。

The Scofflaw

Cocktail / Mixology Bar “STORY TELLING” Have you ever wondering how the drink name “Screwdriver” came about? Was it because some American construction worker would secretly add some vodka to his orange juice? How about the name “MaiTai” , was it someone from Hawaiian Island mixing this drink and after tasting it and screaming in their mother language “THIS IS GOOD!” ? Every cocktail has a story behind it, let us be the one to introduce you to these stories… Perhaps you can also give us a story of your own…

調酒吧 『故事』 你知道Screwdriver的發明,是因為美國工人在工作時,會在柳橙汁裡偷加伏特加嗎? 你知道Mai Tai的起源,是夏威夷原住民喝了之後,用母語大喊『太好喝了』嗎? 每一杯調酒都有他的故事, 請你來點一杯,讓我們告訴你一個故事, 也讓你告訴我們,屬於你的故事。

$100 Bill

Whiskey Bar “PURE” I know you’re not into all these fancy tricks and show-n-tell, I understand you just want a nice and quiet place to enjoy yourself. Letting the strong liquid of golden goodness burns your throat, then having aromatics settling on your palate. These are the sensations you want to enjoy with yourselves, this is PURELY yours!

以美國威士忌為主的酒吧,一杯『純粹』美國威士忌 ,我懂你就是喝不慣那些花俏的把戲, 我懂你就是只想安安靜靜的喝酒, 讓酒的濃烈滾燙過你的喉嚨,再讓香醇的餘味漸漸散佈在整個口腔。 享受著跟自己對話的時刻,這是你跟你自己的純粹。





For reservations call 02-2345-0050



No.447-48, Guangfu S. Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Wednesday to Monday  18pm-02am

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